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Monday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 the church lower level rings with words non-recognizable by many. Each week, Instructors, Rick Argo and Mike O’Grady give “Oknawa Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do” orders to a class of as many as 28 students at different learning levels. Classes are available to anyone interested from ages as young as 9 years old on up.

Belts to earn are:
       WHITE belt which is for beginners
       YELLOW belt students learn karate basics
       GREEN belt students learn how to perfect the basics
       BROWN belt students learn how to put all the karate moves      (“Power, Stances, and Karate forms”) into practice.
       BLACK belt (with ten levels) is the final level in Karate. Black belt students learn to put “real” Karate into perspective.
The average time invested between White and Brown belts is between two and three years, whereas time invested in obtaining the Black belt can take as long as three to five years. Instructors, Rick and Mike are well qualifiedas they bothhave “Kyoski Shihan (Master Licensed Instructors) as well as “Renshi” (Licensed Polished Instructors), both also have two black belts in Weapons, and have earned seven Black belts out of the ten levels available. Rick’s 40 years and Mike’s 26 years of teaching and learning, is commendable. You don’t mess around with these guys!
This Karate class is fascinating and quite impressive. . . Are you up for the challenge? You are welcome to stop by to join the class, or to just observe.